Welcome to the new era of payments.
About us
We aim to be the most simple and reliable payments stack for your business. OpenNode offers a robust platform that consists of an easy to use eCommerce and retail plug-in solution, payment infrastructure API’s for developers, and the fastest payment processor limits to allow for brand new payment models and instantaneous settlements.
With bitcoin, financial services are now open to anyone with an idea; however, bitcoin needs to be easily accessible for mass adoption. With OpenNode, we aim to bridge the gap between this technology and the rest of the world. To achieve this goal, we've built a simple payments platform for those in the third, second, and first world. Our mission is to help create a borderless future where everyday transactions are used with Bitcoin. For us, this is a future worth building for.
Our Values
Top Level Security
Our main priority is to make sure your data and funds are always kept private, safe and secure. We use industry standard security and data encryption practices to protect you and guard against any unauthorized transactions and access to your personal and financial information.
Up-to-date Technology
Through the power of collaboration, experimentation, and staying informed, we will continue developing usable and forward-thinking features for our merchants without compromising security.
People First
We are heavy proponents of bitcoin because of the transactional transparency and accountability the protocol brings to our financial system. OpenNode follows the same concept by being consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine with our users.
No Barriers
OpenNode is open to all merchants regardless of services or goods provided. Sign up in seconds with no bank account and no sign-up fee.
In the press
For comments, interviews, image, and video files or to speak with our media liaison, please contact us at press@opennode.co
Our Investor
Draper Associates