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The fastest way to get paid in-person for any business.
OpenNode ensures a quick, painless mobile and retail experience that will save you and your customers time and headaches. Get set up in under 3 minutes and start accepting bitcoin anywhere today.
“OpenNode is an easy to setup payment solution. It’s the leading Bitcoin Lightning Network solution available.”
Pricing support for 195 currencies so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates.
Instantaneously settle transactions and exchange to your local currency all within your dashboard.
Everything you need to sell online to customers.

We’ve integrated with the most used shopping cart plugins to enable your business to go further than it ever has. With our instant exchange feature, you’ll be able to automatically convert your earnings to your native currency at the time a payment is made.

Experience low fees, fast settlement times, and flexible payment structures with our plugins, API, and custom checkouts today.


Monetize any experience with microtransactions.

Unlike any other processor before, OpenNode allows you to monetize any interaction/input like receiving health, finding a special bounty, or even defeating an opponent for as low as $0.00001.

Be among the first to tap into this emerging market with technology that revolutionizes gaming.

We provide the platform and you provide the experience allowing you to monetize any interaction.

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PROFIT $0.00001 USD


Borderless donations, quick and hassle-free.

OpenNode can help organizations reach anyone with internet access in just a few minutes. Bitcoin is a global currency that can be accessed by a larger network than any payment protocol that currently exists.

We will help your initiative by being a reliable partner in accepting donations to aid your cause. Make it known that you can accept donations from anywhere.

How we’re helping others in Venezuela
Give your readers the freedom to pay the way they want.

Create paywalls for your articles, music, podcasts, or when visitors leave comments to increase engagement and remove spam.

With the power of bitcoin’s lightning network, you can now charge as low as $0.000001 per interaction and form new ways to monetize your content.

TIP $0.00001 USD

Build, explore and monetize any idea
Builders, creatives, entrepreneurs, developers, innovators, and anyone looking to create... the new era of the internet is here. We’re excited to see what you build upon it.
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