Bitcoin, for everyday
OpenNode is the easiest way to accept bitcoin. Discover new ways to monetize and scale your business globally.
Start for free
Charge less than a penny
Explore microtransactions like never before and monetize any digital interaction.
Bitcoin, risk-free
Automatically convert bitcoin to your local currency at the time of transaction and avoid all price volatility.
Safety first
Know your funds are safe and sound with our cryptographically secure platform and 24hr customer support.
Upgrade to Lightning
Take advantage of bitcoin’s newest payment protocol and experience instant settlements and low fees.
Freedom from chargebacks
Never deal with chargebacks or holds again as every payment settles instantly.
Open to the world
No bank account required. Internet access is all you need to start accepting bitcoin anywhere.

Payments that power every application

Get creative with unique payment models and give your customers a seamless experience they’ll always remember. OpenNode is a complete payments solution for businesses of every type, and at every scale.

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